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Welcome to the award winning family business.

Family Business

A fourth generation family business currently owned and operated by travel industry veteran Phil Nuttall.

Award Winning

Winners of many travel awards for our first class service and customer care! Clients are our number 1 priority!


Do you have a real passion for travel? If so you could be the next member of our award winning team.


We are convinced you will notice a difference the moment you meet the team. The Travel Village is an award winning 4th generation family business established over 55 years, so you can expect we do some things a little different. Things like talking to each other, supporting each other, caring for each other – all of which are key ingredients we use to help keep you motivated when you are working from home. We are a hidden gem in the travel home-working sector, experts in our field. Our focus will always be on you and your relationship with your travel suppliers and most importantly, your customers. We are people you can trust. The Travel Village Group has a dedicated team of people who look after your clients both pre and post travel including a dedicated "Customer Care Team". We work with suppliers that aspire to provide the very best levels of customer care and we will not compromise.

We are looking for true travel professionals to join our homeworking business within Mid-Counties Co-operative, people who aspire to be dream makers going the extra mile for their customers. When you join our family, you will quickly realise that there's a team of people who are totally committed to making sure every detail is checked the moment you make a booking. This is the most valued service any home worker could wish for - I believe we have the best and we now have an award to back this up. If you aspire to everything I have spoken about above – then please drop us a line for an informal chat, I guarantee you will want to know more because we have a business that can help you to grow and be successful. Call free on 0800 810 8226 to discuss your opportunities. Phil Nuttall - MD


We are a 4th generation family business built on the solid foundations and understanding of exceptional customer care. Innovative in our partnerships and working with people who share the same vision.


We love holidays and for more than 55 years we have provided millions of customers with memories that will last a lifetime, from simple coach tours to grand world voyages, nothing is too much trouble for us. Our team are here to provide clients with a holiday that is right for them. Below is a brief overview of each of our brands.

The Cruise Village
One of the UK's premier worldwide cruise holiday specialists, our flagship brand, The Cruise Village, has partnerships with all major cruise lines. This enables us to provide thousands of different cruises to suit any budget or requirement.

The Travel Village
We are expanding the Travel Village to service our clients with premium land based holidays, luxurious experiences and fully escorted worldwide tours. Our team of experts work with our clients to find the perfect holiday.
The authority on European and worldwide river cruising holidays. We are the UK's number 1 River Cruising expert and are well respected within this market.


To inspire every person we speak to, to tell someone else about the Travel Village Group. To grow our network of Travel Villagers and provide the highest standards of customer care.


Philip Nuttall

Phil Nuttall

Managing Director

With over 30 years of travel experience under his belt, Phil is enthusiastic, approachable and very much hands on in the business and promotes a "Can Do" attitude across the company. Phil also has a passion for 80's music and plays the piano.


Carol Reynolds

Carol Reynolds

Accounts & Administration

She pays the wages! Enough said, do not upset. Carol heads up our accounts and administration team and is also a massive tennis fan, goes to Wimbledon every year and loves Roger Federer.


Lewis Johnston

Lewis Johnston

Digital Media Manager

Lewis is the webmaster for the Travel Village Group with an extensive knowledge of both the travel and cruise industry. His skills also extend to outdoor cooking master classes where he is a dab hand with a "smoker". Current champion of the office Fantasy Football league and has a guilty pleasure for river cruises!


Jess Nuttall

Jessica Nuttall

Social Media & E-Marketing

Jess graduated with a 1st in Business & Marketing and tailors online creatives for home-worker promotions. She is affectionately known as "Mopper" and has a habit of jumping out of airplanes and eating tarantula's!


Jess Clayton

Jess Clayton


Jess creates bespoke artwork for promotions including pop up banners and brochures / leaflets and inspiring emails. She is not quite as mad as Jess Mop, but can sing and enjoys rock climbing and the great outdoors. Has a bucket list longer than Blackpool promenade.


Heather Welsh

Heather Welsh

Home-Worker Support

Hev is our trouble shooter and a friendly ear when something occasionally goes wrong. She also organises training and company events / gatherings / Christmas Parties. If you have an operational question or need a quick solution for a client, look no further. Never backwards at coming forwards, guaranteed to get you entry into anywhere on a night out.


Laura Featonby

Laura Featonby

Business Development

Laura is a home workers dream. She provides setup, training and support for online social media campaigns. She works closely with the business and the consultant to make sure your marketing campaign is delivering the results you need. Infectious, can talk for England and will make a difference to you business.


Dan Hadfield

Dan Hadfield


Affectionately known within the company as "Dan - the man who can". He looks after our comms and provides telephone & email support to our home-workers. Unlike some techies – he is approachable, friendly and you are going to love him. If you've got a problem, who ya gonna call…..Dan! He is a Man City fan and a mean photographer on the quiet.


We Are Hiring!

Do you want to be one of us? Sure you do, because we are an awesome team! Our members work hard every day to create the perfect holidays for their clients. If you think you have what it takes then get in touch.

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of our award winning team? Read on!



"When I first made the decsion to do homeworking I was overwhlemed with all the various travel companies, all offereing a different homeworking model to the next one. I had actually got to a point where I felt maybe homeworking was not right for me. Then Phil got in touch from The Travel Village Group. It was completely refreshing, no mention of rates, just a light informal introduction to his amazing family run business and how customer care comes first. After my first call with Phil I knew I had nothing to loose and since joining I have never looked back. I have the best team of outstanding people behind me. I feel proud when I talk about the business and what it has to offer. My training and support is fantastic and I love being part of the team. I think possibly this may have been the best decision in my career that I have ever made and I am looking forward to see what the future holds." Sarah-Nova

"In 2015 I was honored to receive an award recognizing my achievements in the travel industry. My passion is to continue creating bespoke honeymoons for newly-weds and I am so grateful to The Travel Village for giving me the support to take my business from strength to strength. I am extremely fortunate to be part of such a fabulous team." Sangeeta

"I have worked for nearly 20 years in home-working and I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been. The Travel Village Group are an amazing company to work with and their business ethics and support are the best I have ever come across in this very competitive market. The "Gaffer" has the best ethos in that his belief is - if we are happy & professional, our customers should be happy and feel secure. I plan to be here a long time as I don't think there is another company that can offer the support and comradeship that helps to make home-working so enjoyable." Jean

"Well where do I start, jumping in to the world of home working is daunting. I'm almost two years in but almost 6 months with The Travel Village and it truly was the best move I ever made. They made the transition from one home working company so easy and all the information & literature required to reassure my personal customers was designed without me even having to lift a finger. You may be currently blindsided and thinking that the support you receive couldn't get any better - you are wrong! Nothing is too much trouble and you are made to feel as though you truly belong to a family, not to mention that your knowledge and experience is 100% valued and utilised! The team believe in you and want you to get the best from your business model and do anything to help you achieve your short and long term goals. Make the leap, you will not be disappointed. " Nichola


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